Need Your Prayers!

From Belade:
    “This picture is a remembrance of our hard times going to Gérard about
    30 kilometers on bicycle to pickup food to keep our home alive during
    this country locked and without gas anywhere.”  Belade October 2022
     Please join us for a Concert of Prayer and Fellowship Thursday Nov 17th at 7 pm at:
     Eastside Baptist Community Church
     68 Rollins Drive
     Belleville ON K8N 4J4
     For more information:  call Rick at 613-827-8500

October, 2022

You are likely aware that Haiti is presently experiencing many difficulties. Following the assassination of the president a year ago the remaining government has not been able to
effectively manage the country. Gangs rule the streets obstructing the transport of food and
other necessities. People are unable to get to work, school or hospital unless they travel by foot or bicycle. Fuel is now $54 US per gallon, which is out of
reach for most people as the average income is $50-$100 per month. Charcoal is the main source of fuel for cooking but even it is no longer available. Without fuel to boil water there is an increase in illnesses such as cholera. Violence has spread
out of the main city to the rural areas as well.
However, we want you to know your investment in Haiti is helping. It has allowed Pastor Belade’s communities, even
during these troubling times, to have food as well as provide an income for teachers, pastors and those farming the land.
Due to the previous investment in land for crops and their
growing greenhouse operations his people have food for their
families. The work truck we were able to purchase earlier this
year allowed transportation of greenhouse product to supply
contracts that were made to ensure a steady income.

On behalf of these families, we cannot thank you enough.
For some of his communities which are located in the remote mountain areas, Belade has not been able to reach them, due to fuel costs and road congestion. He is hoping for a new motorcycle as his is not repairable, that would allow him to reach these families. Though the situation seems dire the resilient people of Haiti continue to pray for change and have shown a number of times their ability to overcome hardship. Please join us in continued prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. If you could make a donation to provide Belade with a motorcycle and to help us with our commitment to support the pastors, teachers, and farming projects it would be greatly appreciated. You can go to the donate page for instructions.
Thank you so much for standing with Haitians in believing for a better future.
Board of Directors New Mercy Ministries

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