Materials for rebuild distributed

The video shows the first batch of supplies purchased to help rebuild some of the homes damaged by the earthquake. Belade is saying that he believes with the monies donated to this cause he will be able to help rebuild 15 homes. Please keep them in your prayers as transportation is difficult in some ofContinue reading “Materials for rebuild distributed”

Mephish February 2021 Annual Conference Video and Great News!

Feb 2021 Facebook Video of Conference (Belade approx 30 minute mark) above picture taken from Mephish 2018 Conference Note from Belade:  February 2021 Hi my friends, I send this to all of you just to give you an up date about what we nowadays do and what level the construction of the parsonage in PerrienContinue reading “Mephish February 2021 Annual Conference Video and Great News!”

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Spring 2020 Newsletter Earlier in March a mission trip was shorten due toCOVID-19. Although their time there was shorten they wereable to spend some quality time and was not without purpose.Read Sarah’s and Perry’s trip insights in this newsletter. Due to the Covid 19 outbreak the team had toregretfully leave Haiti early. You would thinkContinue reading “Spring 2020 Newsletter”