The strong community spirit and gratitude of the Haitian people spur us on.

In 2003 Rick travelled to Haiti for the first time. A friend had told him about a Haitian pastor, Theirry Belade, who was working in the remote mountain communities in the southwest of Haiti and who was in need of help. Miraculously they were able to find each other and a partnership began. 

Pastor Belade and his MEPHISH organization have established many churches, most in very remote areas. Some of these communities now have schools and provide care for orphans. Regular conferences are held to bring the communities together for fellowship and teaching.  

We have been able to supply reliable transportation for Pastor Belade who travels many miles through rugged terrain to reach these communities. On a monthly basis we provide support for practical needs. During a time of food shortage, we partnered with Ontario Christian Gleaners to ship thousands of nutritious meals to those in need.  We have helped them purchase good farm land near irrigation. Crop production supplies jobs, food, and income. The old saying goes, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” 

The strong community spirit and gratitude of the Haitian people spur us on in helping this country known as the poorest in the Americas.

Hurricane Matthew in 2016 still leaves its devastating effects today, as we continue to raise awareness for the need to rebuild.