Mephish February 2021 Annual Conference Video and Great News!

2018 Mephish Conference picture

Feb 2021 Facebook Video of Conference

(Belade approx 30 minute mark)

above picture taken from Mephish 2018 Conference

Note from Belade:  February 2021

Hi my friends, I send this to all of you just to give you an up date about what we nowadays do and what level the construction of the parsonage in Perrien Church is. The pictures will give you an idea as well. We send this to you also to thank you for all your prayers did in our behalf. We have 3 adults who come to the Lord and about 10 kids. The Lord had shown up but the devil also. Thanks for your gifts we can do all those for the Lord. If you want to follow us, to notice our difficulties and trials efforts please type golivephareprod in facebook. (video above) are going to translate all the crusades and put them in Youtube so that you might understand it better. You can’t understand it now in facebook because it is not translated yet. Here are some up to date picts about the parsonage construction at Perrien.  Belade

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